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Inventory: Anti-Rape Devices

- Electric Fence
- The Injector
- Flipper Cam
- Saber Tooth Speculum
- Cremisteric Reflex Corset
- The Snare
- She Had a Good Time,  He Did Not
- She Had a Good Time, He Did Not  Steampunk Style
- Bear Trap (Loan)
- Four Anti-Rape Thongs
Contact Larry Aronson or Ira Sherman   303-722-2001 USA

Artist Ira Sherman imposes a paradoxical worldview creating a exhibition of fantastic wearable mechanical sculptures that both mimic
and mock modern life. Sherman’s elaborate and complex sculptures exploit erotic fetishism and sensuous human interaction using
what Sherman calls, " A mechanized prosthetic aesthetic." Sherman applies his own remarkable techno-wizardry and visionary
tinkering to develop a sculptural dynamic that combines social engineering with dead-serious comedic intentions. Critics have called
Sherman’s wearable mechanical fashions and kinetic social solutions "elegantly menacing," “sleekly spooky," "savage protection,"
"terrifying-but delicately executed, technically ingenious and stunningly beautiful. "The sculptures are familiar enough to appear
believable, technically complex enough to appear "expert," and are weird enough to look thoroughly futuristic. Each sculpture
embodies a social or moral quandary, frequently involving one’s perspectives on vanity, intimacy, faithfulness or even sexual violence.

For many, the stunning prosthetic aesthetic becomes a telling barometer of one's own moral ambiguity forcing individuals into clear-
cut moral choices and consequences as they interact with the sculptures. An even more direct engagement is through the physical
sensations of actually wearing Sherman's art.....plausible reality, conceptual lunacy, elegant misdirected aesthetics...the dialogue

Lawrence Aronson's life long passion to understand the phenomena of fine art as it relates to history and community began in
grammar school when he won a competition to an art program at the Art Institute of Chicago. He studied art history, philosophy and
history at Northwestern University.  At 22 he decided to try to build a cohesive contemporary art collection. 50 years later, Larry built
an impressive collection of 600 works of art by 118 artists that has received recognition by many international museum directors,
art critics and art curators. His collection is comprised mostly of professors of the Chicago Art Institute School and graduates of the
school who have gone on to become professors at many of the universities in the Midwest.

Larry has juried art shows, lectured on art, and has attended over 3000 lectures including special art events in the US, Canada and
Europe over the last 50 years.

Larry was responsible for the Art catalog-book, “Who Chicago?” which was published by one of the satellites of the British
Museum. "Who Chicago?" was an exhibition that traveled throughout England, Scotland and in the United States. He has loaned
paintings to Museums throughout the United States, England and France.

Mr. Aronson believes that art objects are really a medium that create a dialog between the creator and the viewer and that, contrary
to the art world, the dialog can be as meaningful through great works of art as well as with lesser know works of art.

Mr. Aronson believes Ira Sherman's art works are sincere, unique and conveys the same properties and conceptual ideas that
works of art by well known International artists convey. Larry believes Sherman's art works are important. Like the German
Expressionists, Sherman's works deals with socially difficult areas that beg for dialogue and further discussion.
Space Requirments:
2000 + sq. ft. secure interior exhibition space
Security and Insurance:
- A Facility Report including room locations, power  and lighting locations
- Secured and locked display cases for small objects
- Lenders responcibility to insure complete exhibition against all risks
- Lender must insure complete exhibition  during transit to and from exhibition location.
- Lender will cover costs  of additional crating and packaging if needed.
Registered and insured round trip via established art shipper, UPS  freight, Fed X freight
Exhibition Configurations
Depending on the lenders needs, this exhibition can include additional art objects created by Ira Sherman including gold jewelry objects,
leturgical art objects and public art maquettes.   Objects from the orginal inventory can be omited  from the exhibition with the written
permission of the exhibition curator.
This exhibition is has no rental fee
All costs are based on charges for crating, shipping, handeling, insurance and  exhibition installation
Programs Associated with this Exhibition at Additional Cost
Metalsmithing workshops
Mechanized Sculptures for Social Survival
Artist Ira Sherman
Inventory Option: Jewelry
Ten exqusite gold designs with precious gemstones
Inventory:  Mechanized Sculpture

- Arbitrator
- Pavlovian Trainer
- Explosion Injection Forming Harness
- Tick Tugger
- Universal Preener
- The Seed
- Furby's Frenetic Workout
- Furby Surgeon
- Furby Finds a Throne
- Butane Oxygen Dart Gun (Loan)
- Motorized Mayfly (Loan)
- Small Insect Incinerator (Loan)
- Loosing Hold
- Surfing Tzadka
In the current culture of sexual objectification and hyper sexualization, Ira Sherman creates
exquisite armored fashion that explores the boundaries of this phenomena through chastity
couture. He uses objectifying artwork that function as protection from unwanted sexual
advances, exploring the duality of hyper sexualized media and Western puritan values.

Lady Gaga’s very public performance at the 2016 Oscars, which featured survivors of sexual
assault, shows the public’s urgency to speak out about this very real issue.

Ira  has mastered a rare medium in the fashion world, using metal in all of his wearable art.
He has a mastery of the human form and sculpts  different  types of metal designs that hug
the curves of women and men in a way many normal clothes fail to do.

Beyond his pieces being aesthetically appealing, they come wrapped with a poignant
message about rape culture. The model’s exposed skin juxtaposed with metal sculpted anti-
rape devices leaves viewers with a paradoxical dilemma that speaks to a larger issue facing
sexuality in the West. As a nation, we face the highest rate of sexual assault in history,
paralleled with the hyper-sexualization and objectification of women  in the media. And yet
there is still shame and guilt surrounding women’s freedom of sexual expression. The
complexity of this contradiction and its effects are at the root of Ira’s work.

Sherman Chastity Couture does not shy away from the uncomfortable questions regarding
sexual assault and rape culture, but rather encourages discussion about these issues.