The Explosion Injection Former is designed to allow all people who are not artists
to closely empathize with the artist involved in creating an object. Often lay people
have the misguided impression that artists live the ideal life, full of free
expression, free thought, and free time. The fact that artists often anguish over
every element of a design, often are rejected by a society that can not relate to a
totally new concept, often take days if not years to complete an object from a
concept, will frequently go unappreciated by the public. This Injection Former can
be comfortably worn by any person and uses and explosive charge to blow
(extrude) a three dimensional "creation" out of the torso of the person wearing the
sculpture. While this process can indeed be explosively creative the sculpture will
also clench the wearer uncomfortably tight around the sides of the chest as a
metaphor of the pain an artist often endures. Once set in motion the Explosion
Injection Former can not be shut off, and the wearer must endure the total
process of creating an object in much the same way that a compulsive artist often
can not stop working on a piece.
"Injection Forming Harness"  copyright 1986  Ira D. Sherman