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World renowned artist and metalsmith Ira Sherman's works are conceptual sculptural machines molded to the
human form that regulate and prevent aggressive, sexual, antisocial behaviors.  The technical and visual artistry
of Sherman's sexually graphic couture becomes its own reward all the while evoking a paradox of feelings melding
elegant sexy flirtatiousness and vicious punishing empowerment.....Delicate tendrils of glimmering steel forged
into mechanized armored lingerie, flexible stainless cable g-strings, steel mesh codpieces, vaginal armor, flame
throwing penises and chain laced corsets with flirty chain link garter belts.
"................Pop Surrealist Prosthesis, Steampunk Modern Authoritative Fashions,
Medieval Burlesque Steel Undergarments secured to bodies needing safety locks but
with fabulously crafted mechanized steel, stainless steel and semi-precious gems"
Chastity has been an integral part of human sexuality. Since ancient times the tension between the natural
desires and the demands of religious beliefs that focus on virgin values and both have shaped the human
attitudes towards sexual expression  and human experience.  Chastity, whether imposed as a demonstration of
power and control or as a voluntarily discipline, immediately conjures a moral paradox.  
Photo by James Stolzenbach
In the current culture of sexual objectification and hyper sexualization, Ira Sherman creates exquisite armored fashion that explores
the boundaries of this phenomena through chastity couture. He uses objectifying artwork that function as protection from
unwanted sexual advances, exploring the duality of hyper sexualized media and Western puritan values.
Lady Gaga’s very public performance at the 2016 Oscars, which featured survivors of sexual assault, shows the public’s urgency
to speak out about this very real issue.
Ira  has mastered a rare medium in the fashion world, using metal in all of his wearable art. He has a mastery of the human form
and sculpts  different  types of metal designs that hug the curves of women and men in a way many normal clothes fail to do.
Beyond his pieces being aesthetically appealing, they come wrapped with a poignant message about rape culture. The model’s
exposed skin juxtaposed with metal sculpted anti-rape devices leaves viewers with a paradoxical dilemma that speaks to a larger
issue facing sexuality in the West. As a nation, we face the highest rate of sexual assault in history, paralleled with the hyper-
sexualization and objectification of women  in the media. And yet there is still shame and guilt surrounding women’s freedom of
sexual expression. The complexity of this contradiction and its effects are at the root of Ira’s work.
Sherman Chastity Couture does not shy away from the uncomfortable questions regarding sexual assault and rape culture, but
rather encourages discussion about these issues.