The "Arbitrator" is a kinetic sculpture, composed of three
components; a "controller", a two person harness and a stand.
"The Arbitrator" defines and solves issues of failed negotiations
including but not limited to power-control, self interest, revenge
and bad judgment.   "The Arbitrator" removes any inherent
advantages one party may have over another by forcing both
parties to set and hold to a prescribed period of time to conclude
negotiations, look each other straight in the eyes, speak truthfully
about all issues, record and document all terms discussed.…

Used as a last resort to conclude painfully deadlocked
negotiations "The Arbitrator" adds a new dimension to high
pressure negotiations:  Tactics such as stalling for time are
eliminated by a built in timing "controller". The "controller" is
essentially a photoelectric egg timer that can be pre-set to a
desired duration. As the sand seeps away, beams of light trip off
solenoid valves that mechanically pressurize components on the
sculpture and literally "lock" both parties into binding arbitration.
As more time slips away more photoelectric circuits are tripped off
and higher pressure is added to the negotiations. If a mutual
understanding is not reached by the end of the pre-set time
period, a flood of ultra high pressure gas compresses both parties
into the sculpture making the need for future negotiations
irrelevant! The aesthetic and mechanical features of this
sculpture are further enhanced by built in galvanic finger tip
sensors to detect lying, external voice recording capabilities and
ergonomic design for comfortable wear.
Copyright 1991  Ira D. Sherman